Does powerpc build/work in 4.5.0?

Tom Armistead tarmiste at
Wed Apr 18 17:16:00 UTC 2001


   I'm a newbie here so pardon if this is a dumb newbie question(s)...

   I'm interested in using 4.5.0 on powerpc boards.  At this point, I'm
not even able to get it to compile though.  One of the problems I've
found is in lib/libbsp/powerpc/eth_comm/canbus/ (and .in). 
It has 'anclude' instead of 'include'.  And other miscellaneous hiccups
occur during the build as well.  

   The release notes indicated that the powerpc should at least build
but I don't know how it possibly could with the above kind of thing in
it.  Has anyone successfully built the powerpc portions of 4.5.0 and if
so, can you point me in the right direction?

   I've tried doing a native build on both LinuxPPC2000 and Debian 2.2
PPC machines.  I've also tried doing a cross compile build on an intel
redhat system.  Is there a specific build environment that is required
for building powerpc?  (I was able to do a build for intel and run the
resulting images using the same redhat system).

   I like RTEMs a lot; it has all the basic building blocks I need for
my application and I'm willing to spend some time to get it working on
powerpc but I don't know how much effort it will need or where even to
begin.  Or whether it already works and I just am doing something wrong.

Tom Armistead

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