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Tue Apr 17 04:01:11 UTC 2001

I will be presenting a paper this year at Waveform 2001: the
Australasian Computer Music Association Conference in July this year,
and possibly, a paper at the International Computer Music Conference
next year.  RTEMS will be be a featured part of both papers. Find below
an abstract of the paper for Waveform 2001:

Author: Angelo Fraietta (angelo at
Address: PO Box 859, Hamilton NSW, 2303
Submission Category: Paper – Abstract reviewed
Title: “Smart budgeting for a Smart Controller”
Keywords: Algorithmic Composition; MIDI Controllers; Recycled Hardware;

The Smart Controller is a portable hardware device that allows
performers to create music using Programmable Logic Control. The device
can be programmed remotely through the use of a patch editor or
Workbench, which is an independent computer application that simulates
and communicates with the hardware.  The resultant algorithms (called
patches) can also be sent to the Smart Controller hardware using MIDI
system exclusive messages, which can therefore be saved in the standard
MIDI file format. The Smart Controller responds to input control voltage
and MIDI messages, producing output control voltage and MIDI messages
(depending upon the patch).  The Smart Controller is a stand alone
device -- a powerful, reliable, and compact instrument -- capable of
reducing the number of electronic modules required, particularly the
requirement of a laptop computer, in a live performance.
   Designing and building the Smart Controller may at first appear to
require a substantial budget for software and hardware tools.  The cost
can be reduced significantly when one considers using recycled hardware
and low cost software including educational licenses, freeware, and
shareware.  Subscribing to newsgroups and forums are a viable
alternative to expensive customer support, with the added bonus of
dispersing the general knowledge base to the wider community. Designing
hardware simulators that run on desktop computers – such as Macintosh or
PC -- allow the software to be tested before committing to a target
hardware device (this also gives the composer the ability to create and
test patches away from the hardware).

Jake Janovetz wrote:

> Howdy folks...
>    An article entitled "Open Source in Embedded Systems" recently
> appeared on Slashdot.  Although I haven't read the entire article,
> it is very Linux/WinCE/VRTX/QNX oriented.  I was very surprised to
> _not_ see RTEMS mentioned.
>    Although an argument can always be made for keeping a low
> profile amidst the rest of the population, I should think that
> RTEMS would at least have been mentioned.
>    Maybe we're not making a big enough stink out there?  I find
> RTEMS to be a remarkable alternative to the bloated likes of
> embedded Linux and the like.  Perhaps others would, too.
>     Jake

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