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Wed Dec 5 05:11:34 UTC 2001

There is already work being done with regard to language and platform 
independent sound API

Have a look at

Chris Caudle wrote:

>"Aaron J. Grier" wrote:
>>I'd be excited about this, if only for the interface specifications.
>>...I have been left to my own devices to cook up an interface 
>>for a more conventional "soundcard" of sorts.
>What about using an existing API?
>The two which come to mind as good candidates are the Enhanced Audio Streaming 
>Interface from Emagic:
>Or the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture:
>I think EASI is relatively unencumbered, given this on the page I linked above:
>"EASI is public, right from the start and no Non Disclosure Agreements are 
>required. The EASI description in PDF format is available."
>Current ALSA software is GPL, so you'll have to check with the guys running 
>the project to see if there would be any issues with a clean implementation 
>going from just the API spec.
>I wouldn't be averse to just porting some of the GPL software, and keeping it 
>as a separate package that you have to download and incorporate into RTEMS, 
>but I think there are a lot of people who would prefer software with a less 
>restrictive license, so a clean implementation might be preferrable.
>-- Chris Caudle

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