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Wed Dec 5 15:35:05 UTC 2001

Stephen Holford wrote:

> I've managed to get rdbg working on my 860FADS board over the 100bt FEC
> port. It didn't work out of the box and required some (actually quite a bit)
> of hacking mostly at the target end... I'm still not 100% happy with the
> results, but it's useable enough now for my target. Once my 8260ADS board
> arrives I will be repeating the process for that target.
> One question for the group, is anyone actively working on the rdbg code?

I ported in on MBX860 beginning of this year. New exception handling 
code for MPC8xx was a prerequiste as rgdb use exception to function. 
Moving all MPC8xx code to new exception sheme was quite a bit of work.

We had it working on MBX860 changing on a recent snapshot only one line of 

code. So please submit paches and I will check them (possibly in :-)). Please 

include a detailled comment for the patches please. I have very limited time 

to dedicate to this activity.

I've seen the problem on cygwin already reported. My guess is that it is 
due to compilation environment differnt than the one usually used (linux 
or Unix in general).

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