VALETTE Eric valette at crf.canon.fr
Thu Dec 6 08:41:19 UTC 2001

Stephen Holford wrote:

> Eric,
> I'm curious, what effect do you get by not having the patch?
> After all connect_rdbg_exception is called from within TgtAttach just before
> all of the debugging tasks and semapores are created. FYI, the "FADS" bsp
> I'm using is a quick mod of the mbx bsp from the 20011025 snapshot so my
> environment should be pretty similar to your MBX860 one. I'll send my rdbg
> changes with explanations your way in the next day or so.
> Steve

If you call enterRgdb() from debuggee program before attach, then you 
are dead... This is waht happened here. Besides I think the doc still 
states that you should call enterRgdb while attach is working...

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