VALETTE Eric valette at crf.canon.fr
Fri Dec 7 09:03:32 UTC 2001

Stephen Holford wrote:

> Hi Eric

Hi Stephen,

> That patch makes sense. I had tried using enterRgdb() in my code and due to
> the unhandled exception it produced I assumed that it was for private use
> only in the  MyThreadIdle code.

No. I do not understand how things changed because we were able to use 
enterRgdb in past.

> My initial patches are below, as I mentioned I'm not 100% happy with how
> things work. Your document "RTEMS Remote Debugger Server Specifications"
> does mention the current limitations. This is why I asked if anyone is
> actively working on this code, because if they are I am probably wasting my
> time, but if not, I may be able to contribute some useful patches.

Please do. I would be glad to discuss specifications enhancement and 
design architecture but can promise only few development hours.

>  I am also including the raw diff file as an attachment so you don't have to
> de-munge it. And as I mentioned, I'm working with the 20011025 snapshot.

Thanks for the patch. I rewviewed it and it is OK for me. I will just 
resent it using the latest CVS tree content (and clean up a bit of dead 
code I forgot to send in the previous patch).

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