RTEMS on gen68360

Gerke Kok gerke.kok at tpa-nl.com
Wed Dec 12 14:49:59 UTC 2001

Hello me again,
thanks for the quick response! I'll make sure to add the --enable-rtems-inlines so I know I use the right version. Can you tell me some more about the --enable-maintainer-mode switch? What does it do? And what's the gain?
Let me tell you a bit more about my BSP. It looks a lot like the gen68360 but I had to remove some of the settings of the CS-lines and so on because they were already set by the boot-loader program. (some of then you cannot do twice :-( ) Now I use the same directory as the gen68360 BSP because otherwise you have to setup a whole lot more (bsp.h, make-files etc. etc.) I did not fancy that. (sorry) So am working inside the "RTEMS source tree".
Hope to be able to test these things soon: I only work on RTEMS in the evenings. And the next view evenings I'm away. Still I am a enthusiastic RTEMS fan!

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On 12/12/01 at 15:01 Ralf Corsepius wrote:

>Am Mit, 2001-12-12 um 13.50 schrieb Gerke Kok:
>> Hello all RTEMS-users for the gen68360.
>> I have a simple question that, when answered, could make my life a
>whole lot easier... I have been working to get the gen68360 BSP to work
>on my board and so-far I got the console running including the timer.
>But now I have this problem, and I think it is again configuration...
>(as were all my last problems. Just messing with the linkcmds-file to
>get the right memory layout and those things)
>> The HEAP is not working. That is: malloc works fine ( I tested it and
>looked at the result memory, I see all the blocks and their headers) but
>FREE does not... I found that there are two implementations of this: one
>in inlines and one in macros (or at least to the base of this) Can
>anyone tell we which is the appropriate for the gen68360 target?
>The default is to use the "inline" versions. The "macros" versions
>primarily are present to help compilers out which do not supporting
>"inline" (Gcc does)
>> And how to choose this one?
>--enable-rtems-inlines to use the "inline" versions (default)
>--disable-rtems-inlines to use the "macros" versions.
>IMHO, you'd better stay with the inline versions. They are much better
>tested than the "macros", because nowadays there is hardly any reason to
>use the "macros" versions.
>> Could anyone provide me with a configure line like:
>>     ../rtems-4.5.0/configure --target=m68k-rtems etc. etc.
>> and
>>     make RTEMS_BSP="gen68360"
>> for the gen68360 BSP? I would be very great full!
>You already have figured out :)
>configure --target=m68-rtems --prefix=whatever_you_want
>make RTEMS_BSP=gen68360
>are supposed to do what you want.
>If wanting to try the macros-versions, append --disable-rtems-inlines to
>the configure line above.
>If actually devoloping on files inside of the source tree, you also
>might want to append --enable-maintainer-mode to let the autotools
>automatically update autotool-generated files.

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