Anyone using Redhat 7.0 xinet/tftpd with RTEMS?

OUTWATER ~ KEITH J /5G3110 vac4050 at
Thu Feb 1 21:56:02 UTC 2001

Greetings all - 

I've just started using Redhat 7.0 x86 and I think I have xinet and tftpd set up 
right (on the host I can tftp to itself and get files).

When I try to tftp from RTEMS, the file open fails  with "not owner".

I've messed around with permoissions and ownership on the host, but no luck.

Has anyone gotten RTEMS tftp to work with a redhat 7.0 host?



Keith Outwater
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Raytheon Missile Systems
Tucson, AZ

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