Hacks to get PPPD working.

Matthew J Fletcher mfletcher at serck-controls.co.uk
Thu Feb 8 13:52:35 UTC 2001


Included are a number of random files that were hacked together to get rtems 
pppd code working as a dialing server.

Firstly all the places that were hacked i added 'MJF' close to them as a 
comment so you should be able to search for changes.
'grep -r MJF *' will reveal much,..

[changes to libnetworking/pppd - pppd-old.tgz]

The pppd/main.c was changed to fluffy.c to stop a stupid linker bug 
(undefined reference main), but the code to do the control of the pppd
stuff is in my new archive.

The pppd_main from fluffy.c/main.c was defined out and the one in func.c used 
instead. (see next archive)

[changes to my new pppd code - my-pppd-stuff.tgz]

modem.c, the modemInterruptHandler was changed to work on two channels (two 
serial ports),..

ppp.h, removed PPP_compress define.

ppp.c, ppp_xxx small mods (you will have to diff)

func.c, pppd_test is my controler function for all pppd access, the other 
stuff in this file, is some of my other tests for IMFS etc,.. pppd_test() 
will work on its own,..

*.h, if you diff the headers from the first archive agains the second you can 
see all the changes i had to make (there were many compile problems), i had 
to add lots of extra headers,...

Sorry i cant be of more help, it was a while ago,.. i hope someone can patch 
these fixes into the main sources, if you mail to the list i will try and 

Oleg Ivanov, Peter Mueller, you can stop mailing me now,.. :-)

Matthew J Fletcher
NPD Firmware
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