Cygwin / Rtems powerpc cross development....

Kirk Bateman kirk.bateman at
Wed Feb 14 15:04:10 UTC 2001

I'm having trouble getting cross development for powerpc to work properly...

On a win98 machine.

I have a cygwin installation which is working fine, building executables for dos system.
cygcheck results are attached incase useful.

Where are the following rpm's supposed to be extracted to ....


powerpc-rtems-gcc-gcc2.95.2newlib1.8.2-7.i386.rpm -> tried \cygwin\usr\lib and \cygwin\lib\gcc-lib\ and \ (ie. \opt\rtems.......)

After partially putting some files onto the system, trying to compile I get a message saying the linker isn't being used (fine) and also:
"gcc: installation problem, cannot exec'cc1': No such file or directory"

The gcc -print-search-dirs  seems to have the correct directory for the files... cc1.exe included

Hopefully someone can be of assistance here... It was soo much easier getting the prc-tools distributions to work with cygwin-b20-full.exe

The latest cygwin configurations are terrible.... and the documentation for rtems relating to cygwin is probably around 5 years out of date ??

If this is resolved, I will update the documentation as to where to install files to get them to work and what paths are required on a win98 host.


Kirk Bateman

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