rtems cygwin cross compiler setup problems (FIXED)

Kirk Bateman kirk.bateman at esgem.com
Thu Feb 15 15:58:23 UTC 2001

Ok folks,

Thanks for your helpful (and some funny :-) information for trying to resolve my problems....

Eventually I have it working,

Hopefully this information will be useful to someone ?? :-)

Required files:
    from cygnus solutions:
            cygwin-b20_1-full.exe        (if you can't find it ask a gcc palm pilot developer they probably have it)
            latest cygwin dll update     (you only need the cygwin1.dll but its in the .tgz file)

    from oarcorp:

    also required: rpm extractor for windows (rpm extractor ver 0.99 beta release 5)

            Install cygwin-b20_1-full.exe        (much nicer install than the new online setup.exe)
            Modify path in autoexec.bat to include: c:\CYGNUS\CYGWIN~1\H-I586~1\BIN
            Reboot to activate new path

            Using rpm extractor for windows extract the files from oarcorp (IN THE ORDER THEY ARE LISTED ABOVE !!!!!)
            note that you must exit rpm extractor between each file otherwise it will extract them under each other (very messy) or you 
                should be able to extract to the root directory

            Modify path again: add this before the previous cygnus addition... C:\opt\rtems\powerpc-rtems\bin

            Path should now be similar to:
                set path=C:\utils;C:\opt\rtems\powerpc-rtems\bin;c:\CYGNUS\CYGWIN~1\H-I586~1\BIN

            from the latest cygwin dll update extract the cygwin1.dll and replace the old one.

            Reboot machine again to take account of new path....

            Hey Presto, the gcc rtems powerpc cross compiler should now work properly.....

Kirk Bateman

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