system halted after loading "hello.exe"

rtems rtems at
Wed Jan 10 11:14:57 UTC 2001

Thank you for your help.
Now I can get a bootable disk under your instructions,but i meet another problem. On some kind of computers i can boot rtems and see "hello world" messages, on some kind of compters i can't see these messages, after loading "hello.exe", it appears:
[NetBSD-a.out, loadaddr=0x100000, text=0x14bd0, C, data=0xd68, bss=0x4c78, entry=0x100000]
then system halted.
Did you meet this problem before? 
How to solve it ,please help me.


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Subject:RE: how to boot hello.exe from floppy disk?
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 >I found some instructions on exactly how to do this in the
 >c/src/lib/libbsp/i386/pc386/HOWTO file.  I was able to get a bootable disk
 >to work from these instructions.  It involved using two disks to create one
 >bootable disk.
 >Robert Daniels
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 >Subject:	how to boot hello.exe from floppy disk?
 >CPU=i386 bsp=pc386
 >i have built "hello.exe" and use GRUB to boot it from my hard disk
 >successfully, but i can't boot it from one floppy disk.
 >i download GRUB-0.5.94 to generate stage1 and stage2, use "dd" copy it to
 >one floppy disk, but when i use "root (fd0)", it tell me "unknown file
 >system" ,so i can't copy "hello.exe" to this floppy disk, what should i do
 >thank you



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