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Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Thu Jan 11 13:14:59 UTC 2001

Folks always seem to be looking for GUIs for gdb.
Here is another one.  I don't know anything about it.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Release of GVD 1.0.2
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 12:11:09 +0100
From: Arnaud Charlet <charlet at ACT-Europe.FR>
To: announce at gnat.com

Dear Customer,

Thanks to your feedback, we have improved our GNU Visual Debugger
and are pleased to provide this new beta version of GVD.

You can download the third beta version of GVD 1.0 for Linux, Solaris,
Windows NT/2000 and HP/UX at ftp.gnat.com under the
gnatpro/3.13/<target>/tools/gvd subdirectory.
Please report problems, suggestions to report at gnat.com.

New features in GVD 1.0.2:
- Added support for C++ in gdb.
- Assembly window is now much more efficient.
- New menu File->Open Source... to open a source file without the explorer
- Interrupt button implemented under NT
- Several bug fixes (see known-problems)

Known problems fixed in GVD 1.0.2 can be found in the known-problems file
in each tools/gvd subdirectory and are appended below.


Arnaud Charlet
Known Problems fixed in GVD 1.0.2

- [8325-005] Interrupt button does not work under Windows
  Problem:    Hitting the 'Interrupt' button does nothing under windows
  Workaround: Use breakpoints instead to stop the underlying process.

- Cancel in File->Open Program does not work properly
  Problem:    Hitting the 'Cancel' button causes GVD to ask the debugger
              to open the '' program. One symptom is, when a program was
              already open, a question from gdb asking whether the symbols
              from the previous program should be discarded.
  Workaround: Do not press on the 'Cancel' button :-)

- [8408-001] Attach command in the debugger window does not start gvd properly
  Problem:    When typing the attach, load or add-symbol-file command in the
              debugger window, some functionalities like 'Display Files in
              Shared Libraries' were not enabled.
  Workaround: Use the menus instead, or click on the run button.

- Parsing of char* fields in C structs
  Problem:    The value of string fields in C structures was incorrectly
parsed,              and extended till the end of the line. As a result, the
              fields were empty.

  Workaround: The value of the following fields is still visible, but not at
              the correct location.

- Parsing of array fields in C structs
  Problem:    Fields that are arrays of simple types (int, double,...) were
              incorrectly detected.

  Workaround: Look at the value of the variable directly in the source window
              through the tooltips.

- Current line highlighted with an offset
  Problem:    If the previous current line contained some tabs, then the next
              one is highlighted with an offset.

  Workaround: Force a redisplay of the source window (hide line numbers).

- Wrong handling of double in C structs.
  Problem:    When trying to display a C structure containing a double, GVD
              would recurse infinitely, causing a stack overflow.

  Workaround: Print such variables in the debugger window instead.

- Incorrect highlighting of ex-current line
  Problem:    When the current line (with green background) changes, the
              previous one is incorrectly syntax-highlighted (comments are
              still in black)

  Workaround: Force a redisplay of the source window (for instance hide line
              numbers and display them again)

- Opening the preferences dialog multiple times
  Problem:    If the preferences dialog was closed with the title bar's X
              button, it wasn't possible to reopen it afterwards.

  Workaround: Close the dialog with the Cancel button

- [8327-010] NT directory separators not handled properly in the command line.
  Problem:    When specifying an executable on the command line that contains
              backslashes under NT, GVD did not properly handle it.

  Workaround: Replace blackslashes by slashes, or use the menu File/Open
              Program instead.

- [8327-009] Highligthing misspelled in the Preferences dialog
  Problem:    Color Highlighting is mispelled in the preferences dialog.

  Workaround: None, this is a minor inconvenience with no consequences.

- Command line arguments --version and --help do not work under Windows.
  Problem:    When using the --version or --help command line option under
              windows systems, gvd starts and nothing happens.

  Workaround: No work around, either ignore this minor problem or use 1.0.2

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