Configuration problem, Dominik Froehlich

Dominik Fröhlich Dominik.Froehlich at
Mon Jan 22 16:17:23 UTC 2001


I am newbie to RTEMS and I have a bit of a configuration problem. 
I am using the latest Cygwin-environment under WinNT; the cross development
tools (m68k) are working fine, but unfortunately not together with RTEMS. 

At the moment I am struggeling with the configuration process, 
everything is working fine til the configure-script in /rtems-4.5.0/c/make
tries to test if my cross compiler is working and generating executables.
This test fails when the script tries to compile the conftest.c file. For it to
succeed I need to use a special CRT0 and to link two extra libraries to adapt
to my special hardware settings. The cross compiler is invoked correctly but
with incomplete/i.e. wrong parameters.

Where do I have to set these parameters (LDFLAGS, LIB)
that they are used even during configuration and all subsequent
compilations ? Is there a manual about configuration issues of RTEMS ?

Thank you in advance



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