How to say 'hello' on EVB7045F? (gensh2)

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Fri Jan 5 17:21:33 UTC 2001

Radzislaw Galler wrote:

> The debug symbols ARE included. Looks like it's the problem with
> 'sh-rtemself-' target.
> I'll try pure 'sh-rtems-'

Coff seems to be more stable/reliable with the sh but ...
> > > 2. There are some sections loaded at address 0x0 which is unaccesible on
> > > this EVB (RAM starts from 0x400000). The sections overlap each other.
> > I think you are just being fooled by the debugger's messages. The
> > debug sections normally do not get downloaded to the target, but
> > stay on the host.
> No. They are loaded. I checked it with 'set debug remote 1' (gdb 5.0).
> Seems like it is the problrm with the target configuration. Even the
> size reported by sh-rtemself-size is incredible:
> /usr/local/bin/sh-rtemself-size o-debug/hello.exe
>    text    data     bss     dec     hex filename
>  252176    5488    5144  262808   40298 o-debug/hello.exe
> It shouldn't be so large. Looks like the sections are messed up.

This is not necessarily too big when you consider that the
compilation level is probably -O0 and all static inlined routines
are possibly duplicated in each .o.

> Regards
> Radek
> P.S. I don't need CC to my address - I'm member of the list.

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