Starting with INTEL EVB i386EX

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Tue Jan 9 13:04:43 UTC 2001

"Correo Fernando-ruiz (E-mail)" wrote:
> Hi rtems-users.
> I find from trunk and old EVB intel i386ex (1994). Revision 1, 25Mhz, 1MB
> ram, Intel Flash and
> a US1 free socket(80387 Perhaps?)
> I have a msdos-program FLASHU.EXE (1.0) to load demo software and iRMX
> dev-tools.
> My question is the next:
> How I can load the RTEMS applications in the linux environment?

Can you load into RAM?  My first inclination is to load into RAM
for debug purposes to avoid cycles on Flash.  Or you could simply
put the image to debug into flash with flashu.exe.

The question is what format does flashu.exe expect.  The make-exe
rule in the custom file is intended to link the application and
transform it into the download format.

> I work with SH-RTEMS. Here I don't have problem because I have a self
> developped rom
> loader but I would work also in i386 to have 2 environments to develope the
> software.

You will probably have to do a new BSP for this one.  Do an inventory
on the board, address map, identify areas of PC compatability where
you can use the i386/shared drivers.

Then I would probably start with either i386ex or ts_386ex.  Personally
I like to figure out where each piece of a new BSP is coming from and
then assemble, massage, compile.  Homework before hacking.

An old cast away PC would be easier. :)

> Sorry for the silly question.
> fernando.ruiz at
> correo at

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