Changed FTPD.

Sergei Organov osv at
Fri Jan 12 12:32:07 UTC 2001

Well, I've submitted the patch to Joel.

Sergei Organov <osv at> writes:
> Hello,
> I've finished a bunch of changes to the RTEMS FTP server. If the changes seem
> to be promising, I'll be glad to submit them to RTEMS maintainers.
> Here is the list of changes:
> - use pool of pre-created threads to handle sessions instead of
>   creating/deleting threads on the fly
> - LIST output is now similar to what "/bin/ls -al" would output, thus
>   FTP clients such Netscape are happy with it.
> - LIST NAME now works (both for files and directories)
> - added support for NLST, CDUP, and MDTM FTP commands to make more FTP clients
>   happy 
> - keep track of CWD for every session separately
> - ability to specify root directory name for FTPD in configuration table. FTPD
>   will then create illusion for FTP clients that this is actually root
>   directory.
> - ignore options sent in commands, thus LIST -al FILE works and doesn't try to
>   list "-al" directory.
> - buffers are allocated on stack instead of heap where possible to eliminate
>   malloc/free calls (avoid possible heap fragmentation troubles).
> - drop using of task notepad to pass parameters - use function arguments
>   instead
> - use snprintf() instead of sprintf() everywhere as the latter is unsafe
> - use of PF_INET in socket() instead of AF_INET
> Here are ftp clients I've tried new FTPD with
> (all of them running on Debian GNU/Linux 2.2):
> Lftp 2.1.10
> NcFTP 2.4.3
> Netscape 4.75
> ftp
> mc 4.5.49
> BR,
> Sergei Organov.

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