FTPD patch.

Jake Janovetz janovetz at uiuc.edu
Wed Jan 24 17:01:24 UTC 2001


   I'm glad you're making these changes.  I just hacked together
ftpd to get something going and didn't fully implement a lot of
these things due to lack of knowledge.  I think it's great that
RTEMS is getting a more thorough ftpd.
   Now that Linux ftp defaults to PASV, passive mode was on my
list of things to do.  Thanks for doing that.


On Wed, Jan 24, 2001 at 07:46:54PM +0300, Sergei Organov wrote:
> FYI,
> Yet another patch for RTEMS FTPD has been submitted by me to Joel. Below is
> description of changes. Any comments/suggestions are welcome.
> 2001-01-22        Sergei Organov <osv at javad.ru>
>   * Timeouts on sockets implemented. 'idle' field added to
>     configuration. No timeout by default to keep backward compatibility.
>     Note: SITE IDLE command not implemented yet.
>   * Basic global access control implemented. 'access' field added to
>     configuration. No access limitations by default to keep backward
>     compatibility.
> 2001-01-17        Sergei Organov <osv at javad.ru>
>   * Anchor data socket for active mode (using self IP and port 20.)
>   * Fixed default data port support (still not tested).
>   * Don't allow IP address different from originating host in
>     PORT command (to improve security).
>   * Fixed bug in MDTM command.
>   * Check for correctness of parsing of argument in command_port().
>   * Fixed squeeze_path() to don't allow names like 'NAME/smth' where
>     'NAME' is not a directory.
>   * Command parsing a little bit improved: command names are now
>     converted to upper-case to be more compatible with RFC (command
>     names are not case-sensitive.)
>   * Reformat comments so that they have RTEMS look-and-feel.
> 2001-01-16        Sergei Organov <osv at javad.ru>
>   * Fixed DELE, SITE CHMOD, RMD, MKD broken by previous changes
>   * True ASCII mode implemented (doesn't affect hooks and /dev/null though)
>   * Passive mode implemented, PASV command added.
>   * Default port for data connection could be used (untested, can't find
>     ftp client that doesn't send PORT command)
>   * SYST reply changed to UNIX, as former RTEMS isn't registered name.
>   * Reply codes reviewed and fixed.
> BR,
> Sergei.

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