Ticks to Milli seconds

Soumyadeb Mitra csd97407 at cse.iitd.ernet.in
Mon Jul 2 04:16:13 UTC 2001


On 30 Jun 2001, Heamanth  Kumar wrote:

> Hello,
>          I am able to get the clock ticks through rdtscll call in a long long variable but when 
>I convert it to seconds by dividing with 1193180 I dont really seem to
>get the correct value. It shows approximatly 565 times more than the 
>expected value. 
>Can I get some  guidence as I seem not to be doing it the right way??

Why are you dividing by 1193180? You should be dividing by
no_of_cycles per second. From the data what u you have provided it seems
that you have a 1193180*565=670MHz processor.


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