Question about rels

Radzislaw Galler rgaller at ET.PUT.Poznan.PL
Tue Jul 31 16:14:58 UTC 2001


I want to improve a bit the console driver in gensh2 BSP. All code is written 
and tested and now I want to put it into RTEMS tree. 

As I noticed all objects in libbsp are linked into *.rel files. I have put 
all initialized variables into a file named config.c. It would be easy to 
replace the configuration in application by redefining the variables but the 
file config.c always gets linked causing link error.

I thought about putting config.o out of console.rel as a separate module but 
right now I don't know if it is right approach (my gut-instinct tells me that 
it is not).

Could someone point me into right direction?



P.S. Background info for gensh2 maintainers: I have managed to write 
"libchip-style" termios console serial driver able to work in interrupt and 
event driven mode. It uses c/src/lib/libsp/shared/console.c instead of 

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