Problems with starting new BSP

Radzislaw Galler morib at
Wed Jul 4 15:42:53 UTC 2001

On Tuesday 03 July 2001 12:11, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> When you say "reenabling interrupts", do you mean all potential interrupt
> sources?  My gut instinct says that you have an uninitialized interrupt
> source that is happening.  Do you have a spurious interrupt handler in
> your BSP to report an unexpected interrupt?
> I don't know if there is a generic sh spurious interrupt handler like
> there is for some other CPUs.  I think the m68k has a nice example of
> one.

After I twiddled a bit with interrupts trying to catch the spurious ones the 
system started to work, but I don't know what helped, because when I tried to 
get back to the previous state (using old files) the system also worked.

It could be that I lost couple of days seeking a nonexistent bug which only 
needed to touch sources and recompile the libraries  :)

Anyway right now I'm quite suspicious about #pragma interrupt directive 
(although it works now).



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