Using termios/stdio to check for characters

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Wed Jul 11 16:51:19 UTC 2001

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> Asunto: Using termios/stdio to check for characters
> Greeings all - 
> Does anyone know of a way to check a stream to see if 
> characters are available 
> for input using termios and/or stdio?
Setting NONBLOCK read the filedes and read() returning 0 bytes readed.
But this a poor solution. 
You need set the ioserial driver with an event for reception
and rtems_waitevent(RTMS_EVENT_X,ticstimeout); 

Do you want more information about a rtems_serial_driver for a 14550 UART?

I can help you if you want.

> Basically, I want to perform a non-blocking check on the 
> console port for 
> received characters.
> Thanks,
> keith

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