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ryan at bedwells.net wrote:
> I apologize for leaving the subject off the last message.
> Ryan
> ryan at bedwells.net said:
> > Greetings!
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> > Can anyone out there comment briefly about the suitability of RTEMS as a DSP
> > RTOS?  How might it compare to commercial RTOS's which bill themselves as
> > specifically targeted at DSP's?

There is a port in the snapshots to the TI C3x/C4x family of DSPs.  In testing
this and looking at the performance, it looked fine.  The application actually
used components from libchip without problem.  I do not have extensive
experience with DSP specific RTOSes (e.g. SPOX) so could not do a head to
head comparison.  Most of the problems we ran into were because gcc targetting
the C3x/4x is immature at this point.

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