context switching during delays

Hennenfent, Nick {AVL~Roswell} NICK.HENNENFENT at ROCHE.COM
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After the hello world task starts I call rtems_task_wake_after(1000) so I
can debug it.
BTW, I use rtems_task_wake_after() in the bsp_post_driver stuff and it works

It gets to _Thread_Dispatch and then _Thread_Set_State and then when it
_Thread_Calculate_heir, that's when _Thread_Heir gets corrupted
Not sure yet if I am using the macros or the inline functions.

I suspect the problem is in _Priority_Get_highest but I am still tracing
through it.
It returns a value that is used as an array index so...


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Hello world does not configure a clock tick device driver
and thus has no way to measure the passage of time. 
Once you do the context switch, you will end up
in the idle task with no way to get out of it.

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