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lange92 at 2067.resnet.uni.edu lange92 at 2067.resnet.uni.edu
Thu Jul 26 00:05:14 UTC 2001

Hello rtems-users,
  Has anyone successfully built an i386 BSP and the base packages for
gnat/rtems on linux? That is my final goal, but right now if I could even
get the C/C++ version to work that would be a start.
  I am installing on a Debian distribution. As I understand, the base
packages are generic and work for any bsp, so I imagine I could just use
alien to convert them to .deb packages before installing them. Would I
then be able to use those tools to generate an i386 bsp? If so, I'd like a
little background--I was never a RedHat userr, so I have no idea what the
SRPMS are for. Any ideas?
  I attempted to build the C/C++ version 4.5.0 according to the
documentation, but was unable to locate the file
binutils- on either the kernel.org or the valinux.com
servers. Even a Google search failed--has it really vanished off the 'net?
  Well, since I can't build the C version, I'll try jumping directly to
the Ada version in the next couple days. Any help, thoughts, or words of
inspiration would be greatly appreciated.


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