configure -> compiler cannot create executables

Chris Stich cstich at
Thu Mar 22 17:29:43 UTC 2001

now I'm close to build my first rtems with the cygwin environment. 
By configuring in this way:
$ ../rtems-4.5.0/configure --disable-posix --enable-networking
--enable-cxx --e
nable-rtemsbsp=posix --enable-tests --prefix=/usr/local/rtems/bsp-unix

I got this error-message:
checking for Cygwin environment... no
checking for mingw32 environment... no
checking for executable suffix... configure: error: installation or
n problem: compiler cannot create executables.
configure: error: ../../../rtems-4.5.0/tools/build/configure failed for

I use the prebuild binaries from the oar ftp server for version 4.5.0.
Did I forget something to set in Cygwin?

Kind regards, Chris

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