Problems to make BSP for ods68302

Koh koh at
Fri Mar 23 09:19:23 UTC 2001

Hi all !!!
I am a novice at RTEMS.
I am building RTEMS BSP image for ods68302.
But, I met with a problem  as follows.

if [ ! -d "/home/hippo/rtems/tools/bare-bsp-4.5.0/obj" ]; then \
  mkdir -p /home/hippo/rtems/tools/bare-bsp-4.5.0/obj; fi
m68k-rtems-ld -N -Ttext 0x00C00000 -defsym MC68302_BASE=0x00700000 -T
/home/hippo/rtems/tools/bare-bsp-4.5.0/ods68302/startup/rom \
        -o hello.coff \
/home/hippo/rtems/tools/bare-bsp-4.5.0/obj/hello_world/ \
        --start-group \
/home/hippo/rtems/tools/bare-bsp-4.5.0/obj/hello_world/hello_world.a \
/opt/rtems/ods68302/lib/no-io.rel /opt/rtems/ods68302/lib/no-msg.rel
/opt/rtems/ods68302/lib/no-mp.rel /opt/rtems/ods68302/lib/no-part.rel
/opt/rtems/ods68302/lib/no-signal.rel /opt/rtems/ods68302/lib/no-timer.rel
/opt/rtems/ods68302/lib/no-rtmon.rel \
        -L/opt/rtems/ods68302/lib -L/opt/rtems/m68k-rtems/lib/m68000/msoft-f
loat \
        -lrtemsall -lmisc -lcsupport -lbsp \
        -lc -lg \
        /opt/rtems/lib/gcc-lib/m68k-rtems/2.95.2/m68000/libgcc.a \
m68k-rtems-ld: section .data [00c0d868 -> 00c0de67] overlaps section .rodata
[00c0d868 -> 00c0e4bf]
make: *** [hello.coff] Error 1

What's wrong ?
Who knows ?
 Please show me how to solve these problems.
thanks a lot.

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