Rick Haubenstricker rickh at
Fri Mar 23 15:33:19 UTC 2001


I'm trying to use the size_rtems utility (described in the
RTEMS Development Environment Guide section 4.1.3) to get
size information.  Any help would be appreciated.

So far I found that the utility is a script.  Per the documentation,
it would imply that the script is executable and copied to the
/opt/rtems/bin directory (documentation suggests to simply type the utility
name to run it).  Well the script is not in the /opt/rtems/bin directory.  I
did find it in a build sub-directory under build/tools/cpu/generic/  I
also found that it takes two arguments.  Finally, I did see in the results
my "make all install" that size_rtems was run and was supposed to create a
file sizeinfo.txt, however I was unable to find any sizeinfo.txt file or
any sizeinfo*.txt file.  The make results showed no errors either.



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