RTEMS Build Problems on OpenBSD

Aaron J. Grier aaron at frye.com
Tue Mar 6 18:52:21 UTC 2001

On Mon, Mar 05, 2001 at 08:50:24AM -0600, Mike Siers wrote:

> I am trying to build the RTEMS software on an OpenBSD 2.7 system.  I am
> using the following versions of the build tools:
>   gmake    3.78.1
>   autoconf 2.13
>   automake 1.4
> I downloaded all the files from
> ftp://oarcorp.com/pub/rtems/releases/4.5.0.  I successfully built gcc,
> binutils, and newlib following the directions in the "Getting Started"
> document.  But when I try and build RTEMS itself, it does not work.
> Has anyone successfully used OpenBSD/FreeBSD/NetBSD for a development
> platform?

FreeBSD is supposed to work "out of the box."  I have had trouble with
NetBSD, and got it to the point where the posix BSP compiles, but it
dies somewhere in the getjmp/setjmp code...  haven't had time to figure
it out yet.

> Should I use the latest snapshot version instead of this released
> version?  If I switch to the latest snapshot version, do I need to use
> different versions of the build tools?
> The following lines are the last few lines that I am seeing when I try to
> build RTEMS.  Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.
> checking for RTEMS Version... 4.5.0
> checking host system type... i386-unknown-openbsd2.7
> checking target system type... i386-pc-rtems
> checking build system type... i386-unknown-openbsd2.7
> checking rtems target cpu... i386
> checking for a BSD compatible install... (cached) /usr/bin/install -c
> checking whether build environment is sane... yes
> checking whether make sets ${MAKE}... (cached) yes

configure should be invoking GNU make, not BSD make. try

MAKE=gmake [...]/configure [...]

and see what happens.

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