what brands of 683xx BDM modules are in use?

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Joel - 
I've used two different BDM units personally on my custom 68360 target:
1. 5 chip Public Domain (PD) interface.  I wire-wrapped this one up myself and 
it worked great.
2. In Circuit Debugger (ICD) interface purchased from P&E Microsystems (about 
$125 USD).  Also works great.

Both BDM interfaces were used under Linux (RH 6.0 and RH 7.0) on a Compaq 
Deskpro and a Compaq Armada M700 notebook using GDB 4.X and 5.0 with the 
gdb-bdm driver developed by Eric Norum and Chris Johns.

Here's a snippet of a patched document I submitted to Chris for gdb-bdm:

The CPU32 BDM driver supports two different BDM hardware interfaces:
  1. The Public Domain (PD) interface
  2. The In Circuit Debugger (ICD) interface

The PD interface design is available from various sources, including the
Motorola website.  Plans for a PD BDM interface are also included in this
package.  Note that you typically need to build the PD interface yourself.

An excellent source of information on BDM interfaces is located at:

The ICD interface is manufactured by P&E Microcomputer Systems
(www.pemicro.com).  The P&E ICD interface consists of a small circuit card
containing a PAL (a Lattice Semiconductor GAL22V10), a 25 pin 'D' connector
and various passive components all housed in a small snap together plastic
case.  A ten conductor ribbon cable approximately eight inches long is
included to connect the ICD interface and target system together.

The pinout and the connector on the target cable adhere to the
BDM connector requirements documented in the Motorola MC68360 User's Manual.

The 25 pin connector on the ICD connects to the host computer via a standard
parallel printer cable.

P&E makes the schematic of their ICD available on their website.  The P&E
ICD cable costs approximately $125 US dollars.

The Rev. E, 3.3 volt version of this cable is known to work with gdb-bdm.

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> Just curious.. if any particular module is known to work
> better with gdb under Linux or Cygwin.
> Yes I know this is a periodic question. :)
> Thanks.
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