Rtems and C++ -- code examples?

Chris Johns cjohns at cybertec.com.au
Fri Mar 23 01:05:48 UTC 2001

>If you meant the librtems++ wrappers, I would not recommend it.
>Not to offend anyone, but that code is one of the worst peace
>of C++ code that I have seen. :-)

I have seen worse :-)

>When I've looked at it, and noticed that everything inherits from
>RtemsStatusCode or something like that, I decided in one minute that
>was totally useless.

That is a little rough. You are correct about the status, and 
it could be fixed.

>Inheritance is when you have an *is an* relationship, and that
>code make anyone to puke. 

Yeap, not sure why it is like this.

>A semaphore is NOT a status. A semaphore may contain one 

Agreed. Is this the only issue you see ?

>I usually, use the omnithread library for threads, semaphores, 
>mutex,etc. It has a nice interface and provides multi-paltform 
>capabilities. It allows you to test your code under 
>Windows/Linux/Solaris etc.

But it is not a match to the C API of RTEMS, and at what memory
foot print do you end up with just to have a C++ object catch a
thread. I do not wish to use a CORBA framework to write C++ 
code in RTEMS, nor do I wish to add more code which I need to 
maintain and monitor for updates to my systems.

>I am sorry for whoever wrote that code. 
>I am not trying to affend you.

You have not in relation to the comments about the code. They
are welcome.

You may have offered comments rather than do nothing to help
correct something you see as wrong or in your view could be 
better rather.


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