m68k SPI or QSPI drivers?

mcollins at hawkeye.sps.mot.com mcollins at hawkeye.sps.mot.com
Fri Mar 23 00:42:24 UTC 2001

Aaron Grier wrote:

> the GPT and TPU don't have headers distributed with RTEMS, and as far as
> I know, there aren't any "official" motorola C headers for the 683xx
> family, so everything's kind of ad-hoc.

  I just sent my GPT header file to the list, which is accurate to the
best of my knowledge and may be included in the distribution trees if
desired.  Note that it is by no stretch an '"official" motorola C header';
if there is a source for such things, no one has told me in the 20 years
I've been here.  I put that file in "...exec/score/cpu/m68k", along with
the SIM and QSM header files, and that seems to work well enough.

  I'm in the process of writing a master/slave QSPI driver, and will
send it along when I have something workable.

					-- MC --
mcollins at wdc.sps.mot.com

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