interrupt duration

Andrew Maximov amaximus at
Fri May 11 11:29:31 UTC 2001

RTEMS: rtems-4.5.0
BSP: pc586

I have a question about interrupt duration.
I change irq_asm.S for interrupt duration measurement.
This is a result of interrupt duration measurement.

IRQ0  - 4596784 ticks ( rdtsc intstruction )
IRQ1  - 0
IRQ10 - 8321/4601374 ( this is my device )
IRQ15 - 0

By default all IRQs has equal priority, therefore
IRQ10 can be interrupted by IRQ0. And process time of 
IRQ10 is increasing.
I solved this problem by increasing priority of IRQ10.
But why IRQ0 has such long process time ?
IRQ0 handler call rtems_clock_tick().

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