D. Peter Siddons siddons at
Mon May 14 12:33:52 UTC 2001

Hi Eric

Yes, I tried both according to your prescription and according to the
hardware manual, with exactly the same result, i.e. 'now booting...'
and then a hang. As far as I can tell, the only difference between
the 2307 and the 2306 is the amount of memory.

Eric Valette wrote:
> If I remember something correctly, there is a conflict for the MVME
> mapping and usual Prep PCI mapping  one's.
> At least this was the case for MVME2307. Did you perform what is
> mentionned below?
> --------------------------- README.MVME23000------------------------
> This BSP was adapted from Eric Valette MCP750 Generic motorola
> port to MVME2300 by Jay Kulpinski <jskulpin at>.
> PCI Slave Image 3 Bound Address Register = 30000000?
> PCI Slave Image 3 Translation Offset     = D0000000?

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