RTEMS and Ada: What is the current status ?

Simon Clubley simon_clubley at excite.com
Thu May 24 12:15:02 UTC 2001

I see from the Ada related messages over the last few days that a
number of people are trying to use Ada with RTEMS.

What is the current status of Ada support in RTEMS ?

My specific interest is in the PC386 BSP and I am developing on
Linux. I am aware, from looking through the archives, that this
BSP now uses ELF. What would be involved in altering this BSP to
work with the older COFF format that GCC 2.8.1 requires and has
anyone done this ?

Unix is not my primary operating system (I am a VMS person) so if
the question can be answered by reading non-RTEMS documentation,
I would appreciate pointers to it.

Thanks for any information,


[PS: I don't recognise the error messages that the Ada people are
reporting. Are you trying to build a compiler that includes C++ ?
Either the RTEMS or GNAT documentation warns you against doing this.
My attempts to build the RTEMS toolset had only C and Ada as the
compilers that would be built.]

Simon Clubley
simon_clubley at excite.com

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