MBUF Cluster Network freeze problem

Nick.SIMON at syntegra.com Nick.SIMON at syntegra.com
Wed May 2 12:17:20 UTC 2001

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> From: Rosimildo da Silva [mailto:rdasilva at connecttel.com]
> I would say that for some reason the RTEMS does not "free" 
> right away the
> MBUFS on closed sockets, if the system is extremely busy.

This rings a bell...   A while ago I was hunting an elusive memory leak.  It
turned out that, after a socket was used, a chunk of memory was held
temporarily, and released sixty seconds after its use. (Imagine my suprise
after chasing THIS for several days!)  The MBUF retention you have observed
might be part of the same mechanism.

-- Nick Simon 


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