What is the procedure for feeding fixes back into the RTEMS source?

Mark Johannes mark.johannes at oarcorp.com
Thu May 10 00:00:02 UTC 2001

Tom and all,

Please feel free to submit patches and suggestions directly to 
rtems-patches at oarcorp.com. We will review these and merge 
appropriately.  If enhancements or fixes (in this case) come with 
copyrights and other stipulations, then please let us forward a copy of 
our submission letter for completion before you send code, patches, 
etc.  This will protect all parties involved, especially RTEMS to remain 
an open source product.

Thank you for your participation in the RTEMS Project.


Mark Johannes

Tom Armistead wrote:

> Hi all,
>    Pardon if this is a dumb question...  
>    I've found and corrected a few bugs in one of the BSPs.  I would like
> to get these fixes back into the RTEMs source tree.  Is there a defined
> procedure for doing this?  
> Thanks,

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