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rwas rwas mc68332 at
Wed May 16 21:13:30 UTC 2001

Thanks to all that responded.

I kinda figured out most of this today.

rather helpful.

All the prior errors are gone. I am now left with
another new error:

"Can't get ep flags: No such device or address"

I get good messages (I guess) on the card init
It finds the card and and comes up with happy stuff
like the io number and such.

I made sure the name was "ep0". I tried "ep1" too.

BTW, I am using rtems-4.5.0. I attempted to build the
latest snapshot. It gave me a bunch of directory type
errors. My assumption was that I should'nt trust a
snapshot as much as the last major release.

I did'nt check the 3c509 driver for the missing
parameter. I don't get any build errors on it.

Another problem I have is that the pc386 code does'nt
switch to serial as it's console when the vga card and
keyboard are removed.

As it is, I have to hand-copy the messages because
there's no way to paste the error messages.

--- "D. Peter Siddons" <siddons at> wrote:
> Hi again Robert,
>    I forgot to include the stuff about file
> descriptors. You need
> to change (in netdemo/init.c or whatever test you're
> building)
> more. THe default
> (in c/src/exec/sapi/include/confdefs.h) is way too
> small to be useful.
> Pete.

Robert Wasierski

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