Debugging PPPD Resource Leaks

Mike Siers mikes at
Mon Oct 1 19:17:07 UTC 2001

I have a simple test program that should run forever but
it stops functioning correctly after about 20 iterations.
What is the best way to debug resource leaks?  Do
the following gdb commands still work correctly to display
available Workspace and Heap memory?

  print *(Heap_Block *)_Workspace_Area->first
  print *((Region_Control

The program is just trying to bring up and down a ppp link
over a direct serial cable.  It works about 20 times and then
it can not successfully bring up the IP layer.  What things can
I look at to help determine if the network stack has run out
of memory?

I am using the current snapshot.  Any debugging hints/tips
would be greatly appreciated.

Mike Siers

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