rtems 3c509 driver

Davide Del Vento davide_rtems at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 16 15:43:04 UTC 2001

> > Hi all again.
> > I was trying to make my ethernet card 3c509 work. I was thinking that it
> > should be a simple task, but it wasn't. I'm trying to make 
> > but I find some difficulties (compilation errors)
> >
> > I followed the suggestion of the second part of the
> > 
> >
> > and modify my /opt/rtems/pc486/lib/include/bsp.h (please note the path) 
> > suggested, but when I run my netdemo.exe I get:
> > RTEMS: DEC PCI network card not found !!
> >
> > I searched for 3c509.c in my /opt/rtems directory, but I didn't find
> > anything (I find some stuff in my home where some sources are and I try 
> > compile it, but I get lot of errors)
> > Should I rebuild rtems, setting up everything for my platform?
>I think your driver name is wrong in your network config because
>the pc386 BSP defaults to the DEC one.  Try this:
>Try this before your network configuration.
>#define RTEMS_BSP_NETWORK_DRIVER_ATTACH rtems_3c509_driver_attach

I use a very similar definition in my bsp.h (it NAME is "ep0").
I try "ep" too, but I get exactly the same error.

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