new to RTEMS, is 3com 3c905 supported?

Russell Berg rberg at
Tue Oct 23 14:34:42 UTC 2001

Thanks, I am no driver wizard but I will likely take a crack at a port. If I
get any of it working I'll report back to the list. Thanks again,


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>> Russell Berg wrote:
>> >
>> > Does anyone know if this NIC or any PCI NIC is supported on RTEMS?
>Thanks in
>> > advance
>> There is a driver for the 3c509.  I know the 3c905 is a different
>> NIC but am unfamiliar with this model.  What is the 3c5905?
>It is a PCI version of the card. I've ported the 3C509 from FreeBSD,
>ti should be very simple to get the 3C905 and get it working, since
>the basic shape of the driver is already in the 3C509.

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