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My understanding of a BSP is the information about the target platform that is required by the build tools (compiler, linker, loader, etc..) to generate the executable.
For example, the PC386 BSP has the information required for the build tools to generate the fundamental RTEMS executable (including your own modules) for a standard PC
system. If you used a different BSP, e.g. erc32, your target platform would be different.  Your fundamental code (i.e. your modules) would therefore not have to change
to target a different platform, you basically only have to change the BSP you are using.

I hope this helps, maybe I am not fully on the mark, but that is how I understand it.

Bill Nolan wrote:

> Where is the kernel ??
> I've read all the documentation, I 've been able to find , and have looked at length through what reports its self a sucessfull build of the erc32 bsp with no luck.
> Is a BSP a kernel ?
> or is a BSP a extension to the RTEMS kernel, as its name suggests ?
> I applogise for the low level of my question, But I have no where left to look for answers.
> Truly , Bill Nolan
> wnolan at

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