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Tue Sep 18 14:14:40 UTC 2001

Which is the reason to implement a dummy function get_pty() in pppd?

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> Hello, and thanks for the answer.
> I found that I did not add the pty to the device driver 
> table. I tried to call pty_init myself becuse i did not 
> understand how it was initialized.
> It's a lot of stuff to send, basicly it's a I386PC with 
> network support and a PPP connection.
> in the main i call rtems_initialize_telnetd(); to start the demon.
> I had to rename the get_pty() pty.c and .h becuse a method 
> had the same name in the PPP package.
> Now I get all the PTY0 to F added automatic in /dev and 
> rtems_initialize_telnetd() starts.

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