Configure Problem with rtems_ classic API

Steve DeLaney steve.delaney at
Mon Sep 24 04:09:12 UTC 2001

Ran into something weird tracing libnetworking.  Actually the problem isn't with 
the networking lib at all, the problem somehow it looks like my rtems configuration is messed up.

The networkDaemon fails after as it ends up calling rtems_event_receive(...)
which, along with a bunch of rtems_whatever APIs, all appear to be 
branching to Internal_error_Occurred() After which bad stuff happens (namely the STOP instruction).

Uh, I'm thinking configure problem to turn on the "classic" rtems APIs, maybe --enable_posix?  HAS_POSIX_API looks like it already enabled by default however so thats probably not the problem.

(PS:   We have inlines enabled, building on a linux host for 68360 target)

Any ideas would be appreciated!

[snapshot of ASM jumping to Internal_error_Occurred below]

00001010: 48780016     rtems_event_send:                     PEA.L ($16).W
00001014: 42A7                                               CLR.L -(A7)
00001016: 48780001                                           PEA.L ($1).W
0000101A: 4EB90000277C                                       JSR Internal_error_Occurred (277C).L
00001020: 7016                                               MOVEQ.L #$16,D0
00001022: 508F                                               ADDQ.L #$8,A7
00001024: 588F                                               ADDQ.L #$4,A7
00001026: 4E75                                               RTS
00001028: 4E71                                               NOP
0000102A: 48780016     rtems_event_receive:                  PEA.L ($16).W
0000102E: 42A7                                               CLR.L -(A7)
00001030: 48780001                                           PEA.L ($1).W
00001034: 4EB90000277C                                       JSR Internal_error_Occurred (277C).L
0000103A: 7016                                               MOVEQ.L #$16,D0
0000103C: 508F                                               ADDQ.L #$8,A7
0000103E: 588F                                               ADDQ.L #$4,A7
00001040: 4E75                                               RTS
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