Headphone w/ Microphone Circuit

charles at embsyspro.com charles at embsyspro.com
Tue Sep 4 21:27:11 UTC 2001

As Mr. Barada has pointed out this email was not intended to by sent to the
RTEMS User's Group.  My mistake.  Please forgive my 'Mis-Click' from my
Outlook contacts folder.  I will endeavor to be more precise in the future.


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Subject: Re: Headphone w/ Microphone Circuit

>I need to know the basic circuit and connector requirements for a stereo
>audio headset jack with a microphone similar to the kind used with cell
>phones. Can someone tell me where to look?  I would not have asked such a
>simple question, but I have looked a AMP's web site and have had trouble
>determining the right component.

And how, pray tell, does this have any connection(using any streatch
of your imagination!) with RTEMS?  I think your query was misdirected
at best...

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