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Tue Sep 18 16:37:30 UTC 2001

Hello Joel,

Tuesday, September 18, 2001, 2:54:34 PM, you wrote:

JS> "Andrew N. Maximov" wrote:
>> Hello Joel,
>> Monday, September 17, 2001, 8:00:17 PM, you wrote:
>> JS> "Andrew N. Maximov" wrote:
>> >>
>> >> Hello rtems-users,
>> >>
>> >> I use PC to run RTEMS and I have problem with boot.
>> >> The length of my image is about 5MB. Gzip`ed image is about 1Mb.
>> >> I want to use LILO to boot my image, but it can't load images more
>> >> than 508Kb.
>> >>
>> >> How can I boot my image ?
>> JS> You almost certainly have an executable with debug information.
>> JS> You need to strip it per the FAQ "Why is my executable so big?" at:
>> JS>
>> JS> If your executable is really 5MB stripped, I am curious what all
>> JS> functionality you have. :)
>> Executable is really 5MB stripped.
>> Our project consists from PWLIB,OpenH323 libraries and SS7[MTP,ISUP],ISDN protocols stacks.

JS> WOW!!!  Super cool. I hope you have a nice write up of your application
JS> somewhere.  It would be nice to let others know about the functionality
JS> possible with RTEMS.  I know that I often get asked "does XYZ exist
JS> for RTEMS?" and it is pretty obvious that your app includes a number
JS> of XYZ's that I did not know about. :)

JS> Is it possible to give a hint on the ultimate application?
Yes, of course.

JS> Which parts of this are generally available components? open source or
JS> otherwise?

PWLIB (Portable Windows Libary) and OpenH323 is under MPL (Mozilla Public license).
and available from

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JS> -joel

Best regards,
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