information about resources of actual application

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I think may question was not exactly enough.
That I can tell rtems how many resources may main application needs isn´t
the problem.
I would like to automate this.

Just think about a big pool of objects for rtems. Some of this objects need
a timer, while
some of them need two semaphores etc.
Now a user chooses five of this objects for an application. That means that
a main application
will be generated which uses this five objects. But while generating the
main application
a programmer (or a program which generates the application) needs to know
how many
and which resources are needed for the application. Just for typing it to
the place before
including confdefs.
For the known resources (semaphores, timers) it´s not the problem to write
a description
file for every object, but for resources like cpu load or runtime I have to
measure it.

Any other ideas?


Jan Suchotzki

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Before including the "confdefs.h" file you can choose in your main
application file
(where Init() is placed) how many resources you need.

You can see many test examples in the rtems tree and there you can see the
way to implement this.

It's your application who defines how many timers, semaphores needs it.

The simple test main hello world hasn't resources wasted.

Browse the test files like better solution after read 'C' users guide (A

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> Hi,
> is it possible to get information about the needed resources of an
> application?
> Some words about the background of this question:
> We have different objects for rtems. But we didn´t know how many
> semaphores, timers, memory etc. all this objects need. Because the
> resources
> are limited, we want to know which and how many resources are needed
> by every object.
> I think one possibility is to start an application which calls this
> and gather all information,
> while it is executed.
> Many thanks
> Jan Suchotzki

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