can anybody tell me how to use rgdb?

jack wang red-eye at
Mon Apr 1 09:06:48 UTC 2002

       Hello,there is some question puzzled me.can rtems debug like Vxworks----just use network,in target run a daemon,i can download my app(such as ,helloworld) anytime i like  ? 
       as we know,under tornado(for example,for pc386), i just need build a boot disk(floppy) and a vxworks kernel,using the disk  boot my 386pc and the use network download the vxworks kernel.then i can download and debug my helloworld!
       can i develop my program for rtems just like that?
      if yes,how can i get my rtems kernel which have debugger server daemon and allow me download and debug my app(such as ,helloworld) anytime i like? i can use grub to boot my 386pc and download the kernel!
       i know in librgdb there is a rtems debugger server daemon,isn't it? but i dont know how to use it to build my rtems "kernel" just like vxworks.can anybody help me? thank you very much!   

            jack wang
            wr at

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