PowerPC bare

Stephen Holford SHolford at WESCAM.com
Thu Apr 4 22:37:54 UTC 2002


I've been trying to build a bare BSP build for powerpc (8260 and 860)  using
the README instructions in the bare bsp directory. However, the 8260 and 860
libcpu code seems to be dependent on header files provided by bsp specific
code. And, the file cpu.h is provided from within libbsp, rather than from
within c/src/exec/score/cpu as with other processors. Has anyone managed to
create a powerpc bare build? Is cleaning this up being worked on right now
in conjunction with multi-libbing rtems?


Steve Holford

Stephen F. Holford, P.Eng.
(905) 633-4000 x2119

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