users of non-GNU toolsets

Nigel Spon nigel at
Tue Apr 9 05:29:05 UTC 2002

>We have been discussing deprecating the macro versions of
>inline routines to reduce maintenance and simplify 
>configuring and building.  Historically, these
>were in place to support non-GNU toolsets but 
>I have no feeling regarding how many active non-GNU
>compiler users there and if deprecating macros impacts

Well, I use CodeWarrior and I don't believe it impacts me; it seems to do 
inlines just fine. I may be speaking too soon here not having tried it, 
but aren't inlines part of the standard these days?

>One argument mentioned was the following:
>* newlib depends strictly on gcc.
>* RTEMS depends strictly on newlib.

Uh, not really. RTEMS in my case is linking quite happily with a modified 
version of MSL. I'm not saying it was trivial to do this, but its not 
that difficult. There is nothing that special about newlib, although I 
did need a copy for reference to make the necessary adjustments to MSL.

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